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When you need someone to photograph your wedding, you need a photographer that has the skills, experience, and equipment to deliver photographs of the event that are sharp, composed well, and that cover every aspect of that special day. While many people think a friend or family member that is a good photographer can do just as good as a professional, one has to think about the difference between an advanced amateur and professional. Will the amateur be ready to take sharp photos in a dark Church or Chapel during the ceremony that can make high quality enlargements? Will the amateur have back up cameras, back up flashes, and enough lens' to have the right one for each situation and spares in case one breaks? Will the amateur have a camera flash system that will not give people red-eye? Will the amateur know when to use, and have the capability of using, 35mm, medium format, and digital camera systems during different parts of the event, and know when one gives better results than the other?

Unless your friend or family member is, or has been, a professional photographer the answer to those questions is probably no. While many good and experienced amateurs do have more than one camera and several lens, they probably will not have a collection of photographic equipment that matches a professional photographer. Plus they do not live photography, and while they will probably do a decent job, someone that spends almost every day of their life taking or working with photographs will more likely than not know how to handle the situation better and deliver photographs of superior quality.

Then there is the factor of a professional photographer at your wedding has only one thing on their mind, how to take great shots of you and your wedding. They don't know you outside the professional contact level, they won't know anyone else there, they will not need to talk to the people other than when something needs to be said to take a photo, they will not interact with the people there other than to take photos of them. This is not true when it comes to friends or family. They will know the others and want to interact with them other than to just take their photo. They will be distracted. You want a professional photographer that will do nothing but concentrate on photography.

Wedding packages include coverage of the reception, one set of prints in an album that has 8x10's of the ceremony, one set of prints loose to give to family and/or friends, and a CD of high quality jpg files of every photo that can be made into enlargements at most labs. Coverage of other related events such as the rehearsal dinner and pre-wedding and/or honeymoon portraits can also be included at reduced rates. If you wish coverage of only the ceremony or reception or other changes, Robert will deliver what you desire all at professional quality. All of the photographs provided will be real photographs printed at a lab, not something that comes out of a printer. As long as nothing horrible happens to the album it will last you the rest of your life.

Below the Wedding and Reception photographs are shots from events, get togethers, and special occasions. At the bottom of this page is a link to a page with photojournalism work Robert has done. The photojournalism work gave Robert experience working in fast moving situations with large groups of people, skills which are needed in situations such as wedding receptions. Selecting one of the images will cause a larger rendition to pop up.


The below ceremony was at the Stanford University Chapel. This Chapel has has restrictions to where photographer can go, mainly not on or behind the altar, and is very dim, dimmer than most Chapels or Churches. To cover this ceremony with the highest quality work possible Robert used his 35mm system and a strong telephoto lens with high speed black and white film. Any other system or film would have compromised the quality photographs. The fast black and white film also gave the photographs an artistic, antique look and Robert will gladly repeat this for someone that wants wedding photographs of that nature when it is not needed.

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Photographs of events such as parties, get togethers and forums.

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