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Robert Torre has been taking photographs for over 40 years and has organized some of his best work for stock photograph sales. This collection will be constantly growing and is organized differently than the rest of this site. When you make a selection in this area a new window will not open, but there will be links at the bottom of the selected page to return to this page or to the main home page. Also, unlike the other pages of this site, the photos displayed for the selections are not links to larger versions, they are the highest resolution samples you can get from on this site. In some cases the quality of these sample photographs has been reduced to make to save space and make them a more manageable size. They are faithful reproductions of the high resolution versions that are offered. If you dohave interest in one but would like to see a higher resolution copy first I will work with you for that request.

This page is a directory with the major divisions of the selections below. Each of these area's will have other divisions to narrow down the selections to fit your interest.

If you would like to purchase one or more of these photos for your needs, record the SK number of the photo(s) (such as SK01010) and write to Mr. Torre at Rob-(a) (change -(a)- to @) with the number of the photo(s), what you intend to use the photo(s)for, whether your use will be once or ongoing, and any other information you feel that is important. From this information Mr. Torre will give you a quote for a high resolution file of the photo(s) and the rights to use the photo(s) for your stated purpose. If you also require the photo(s) in a specific digital format other than JPEG please let Mr. Torre know.

 Search of the Stock Collection.

This search is not perfect, but it might help you find a photograph your looking for. If it doesn't return any results come back to this page and read through the main section pages linked to below to see if a photograph of your interest is available.

Santa Cruz LIVE
Las Vegas LIVE
Well Known People
Professional Bicycle Racers
Bicycle Riders
The making of a Music Video
Iraq War Protests
Nuclear Weapon Protests
Surfers Etc.

Washington DC
New York City and State
San Francisco
San Francisco Bay Area
Los Angeles
Las Vegas Nevada
Yosemite National Park
Death Valley
Inyo National Forest
Smithsonian Institution
Mount Vernon, Estate of George Washington
Silicon Valley
California from the Air
Santa Cruz California, City and County
Santa Cruz California, Halloween
Santa Cruz California, New Years Celebration
Half Moon Bay California
Monterey to San Simeon California
Sierra Nevada's
California Coast Range
Alum Rock Park San Jose California
Laguna Seca Raceway
Sears Point Raceway
Wastonville Air Show
Fremont Sky Sailing Airport
National 4-H Center
Various Places;
    Eureka, California     Bakersfield, California     Shoshone, California     Nevada State     Washington State

Amgen Tour Of California
Ronnie Lane Appeal for ARMS Concert, San Francisco Cow Palace, December 1983
2008 USA Cycling Masters Track Championships
Santa Cruz Classic Criterium
2008 Watsonville Criterium
2008 NCNCA Masters Track Championships
2008 UCSC University Road Race
U2 Joshua Tree Monument
Aerial views of California
Plants and Flowers
Ancient Bristlecone Pines
Elephant Seals
Aquatic Life
Other Animals and Insects
Pieces of Art
Halloween in Santa Cruz, California
New Years Celebration in Santa Cruz, California
Antique Vehicles
Modern Vehicles
Racing Cars
Antique Aircraft
Modern Aircraft
1986 Wastonville Air Show
Old Deteriorating Buildings
Fire and Flames
Night Photography
The making of a Music Video
Other (Miscellaneous Items)

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