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From family to professional portraits, or just a fun shot for your significant other, Robert Torre knows how to work with lighting, contrast and composition in any situation to give you a memorable photo. Even when working in the great outdoors, Mr. Torre's techniques will make you stand out from the surroundings. Unlike most professional photographers that charge a 'sitting fee' and then want more for photographs or a CD, Mr. Torre will typically deliver a CD with high quality, high resolution jpg files of the photographs that you can use any way you choose, including having enlargements made, all included in the initial charge. If you would prefer something different or prints as well as the CD just discuss this with Mr. Torre and he will work out a package to meet your needs. Any photographs Mr. Torre provides will be real photographs printed at a lab, not something out of a printer. Selecting one of the images below will cause a larger rendition to pop up.

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