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In 2005 Mr. Torre was living in Olympia, Washington, and did photojournalism work for two weekly papers. This are photographs from some of the stories he worked on. Selecting one of the images will cause a larger rendition to pop up.

This section is from the 2005 Procession of the Species event in downtown Olympia. This a celebration of all the different life forms on the earth, and is an event open to all to participate. Some costumes duplicate real forms of life, some are rather eccentric and represent fictional or possibly alien life forms.

procession 1

Some Frogs leading a Big Bird down the parade, with some other colorful life forms enjoying the parade.

procession 2

A group of girls in a choreographed dance down the parade route.

procession 3

This little red Lobster didn't quite know what to think of the spectacle.

In February of 2005 the Olympia Veterans for Peace and other Olympia peace organizations held a Support the Truth event with two speaker. The first speaker was Scott Ritter, a UN weapons inspector that claims he had told the Bush Administration in 2002 that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction. The second speaker was Dahr Jamail, one of the only independent US journalists in Iraq during the war. Mr. Jamail reported on the events happening that Iraq that have been ignored or manipulated by the mainstream media.

support the truth 1

Scott Ritter in a press conference before the main event.

support the truth 2

Dahr Jamail discussing Fallujah while showing photographs.

support the truth 3

Scott Ritter being presented by Olympia Council member TJ Johnson.

On mothers day weekend, 2005, about 100 demonstrators gathered at Bangor Trident Nuclear Submarine base across the Puget Sound from Seattle, Washington. Their message was "The Earth is Our Mother-Treat Her with Respect." Eleven of the protesters were arrested for blocking the road leading into the facility.

bangor 1

About 100 protesters preparing to block the road.

bangor 2

The blockade in action.

bangor 3

Mack and Lisa Johnson being arrested for participating in the blockade.

The second week in May, 2005, the US Navy Ship Pililaau, a very large transportation vessel, docked in the Port of Olympia. It was carrying vehicles being returned from Iraq including tanks, several were non-functional. The vehicles were presumed to be contaminated with Depleted Uranium (DU) and when locals asked the Navy about this the Navy offered no proof that they were not. Olympia City Council member TJ Johnson was present, and very concerned about any DU on the ship and what it was unloading.

usnspililaau 1

Some demonstrators, including TJ Johnson, with the USNS Pililaau in the background.

usnspililaau 2

The US Coast Guard keeping a close eye on the demonstrators.

usnspililaau 3

Water streaming from the USNS Pililaau that was suspected to be contaminated with DU.

Rugby is a very different type of field game, and if you have never seen a game these photo's will probably make no sense. This was a game between the Budd Bay Rugby Club of Olympia, Washington, and the Bremerton Peninsula Rugby Club of Bremerton, Washington. Budd Bay, in the yellow & blue jerseys, dominated the game.


Budd Bay player Marcus trying to figure out which way to run.


The teams fighting for the ball, which is the dark blob under #7. Budd Bay was pushing Bremerton back to expose the ball which ended up in Budd Bay's possession.


Here the teams help a selected member jump higher to catch the ball (which didn't happen).

On October 29th, 2005, thousands of people across the United States held a "2000 Too Many" protest. The theme of these protests was the over 2000 service men and women had been killed in the War on Iraq. It was a nationally organized event, and protests were held in all the major cities in the United States. These photo's are from the protest in Olympia Washington. It is estimated that there were more than 2000 people lining the main street and it's bridge at the edge of downtown Olympia, 4th Avenue.

2000 Too Many 1

Some protesters on an island with the bridge in the background.

2000 Too Many 2

A number of protesters can be seen in this view, it covers less than half of the crowd.

2000 Too Many 3

Each of yellow cards being held by this woman and other protesters had the name of one of the US servicemen killed in action.

Another nationwide protest against occurred that was mainly against the way military recruiters prey upon the student population. The events occurred on November 2nd, 2005 and were put on by Youth Against War and Racism. These photos were taken in Tacoma Washington at the Marines Recruitment Station.

Tacoma YAWR 1

The students were not afraid to speak their mind.

Tacoma YAWR 2

A few rather heated arguments broke out at the event.

Tacoma YAWR 3

After protesting at the recruiting office for about one hour the students held a march around the neighborhood.

The Eastside Club Tavern of Olympia, Washington, celebrated it's 65th anniversary with music from the ScuzTones of Tacoma, Washington. The ScuzTones played a fast 70's style hard-rock style of music.

Eastside Club Tavern 1

The drummer holding the beat.

Eastside Club Tavern 2

The singer/guitar player has whimsical tastes in accessories.

Eastside Club Tavern 3

The crowd enjoyed the music, but didn't appear to be able to dance to the hectic rhythm of the band.

The renowned David Amram played one night at the Washington Center for the Performing Arts in Olympia, Washington.

david amram 1

David Amram with John Dewitt (bass) and Kevin Twigg (drums).

david amram 2

David Amram.

david amram 3

David Amram accompanied by Barbara Gibson reading poetry by Kerouac.

A "Sing for Peace" charity concert was held at St. John's Episcopal Church in Olympia. Several musical groups participated with the goal being to raise money to help innocent Iraqi's that have suffered from the war.

children sing for peace

The Children Sing For Peace group.

siya manyakanyaka-kelley

Siya Manyakanyaka-Kelley.

raging grannies

The Raging Grannies.

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