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We all love our pets, they become members of our family, so much like little kids. And each one has it's unique personality, similar to other critters of the same breed but at the same time very different, just like people. Yet when it comes to taking a good shot of our little pals it just doesn't work. They are either too curious about what you'r doing, or when you get frustrated they sense that and look like they are in trouble.

Being a dog owner and animal lover, Mr. Torre knows how one desires a great shot of their pals. When someone your pet doesn't know takes a photo of them they are more likely to be more cooperative. Since you aren't working the camera you can be right next to them, helping them strike a great pose. Knowing that the noise and bright flash of a strobe can scare some animals, Robert will use video lights if needed. And also knowing that some pets are so hyper they just won't sit still Mr. Torre will use flash with those. Robert Torre will do what it takes to get some great photos of your pal. The portraits below were taken under very different situations and show the range of styles Robert can take of your pet. Selecting one of the images will cause a larger rendition to pop up.

pet portrait 1
pet portrait 2
pet portrait 3

pet portrait 4
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