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While Mr. Torre's main work is taking photographs he does know the physics and science of how both film and digital photography work, and has nearly ten years of experience working with photographs in digital format. This knowledge and experience will allow him to make undetectable alterations and modifications to your digital photos or restore even badly damaged photos from prints alone. Mr. Torre can also convert, and restore if needed, your negatives or slides to digital.

This page has samples of digital restoration, editing and manipulation performed by Robert. Digital editing can be used to remove some flaw or object you do not wish to be in the photo or for doing something creative with your photograph.

Selecting one of the photos below will cause a larger rendition to pop up. If you wish to compare the before and after of the restorations, each will pop-up into a new window to make the comparison easier. If you do not see something of the nature of the work you would like done don't hesitate to ask Mr. Torre if he can do it for you, he will give you an honest answer to you request.



The original is a 60 year old black&white photo of a bride and her bridesmaids. The photo has much age damage including water, sun and emultion deterioration.


The original is a 67 year old black&white photo of an Indian musical group. The original had age discoloration, physical tears, deterioration of the emulsion, damage from poor initial developing and water or other liquid damage.


This is a 30 year old Kodachrome slide of the US Capitol dome. The original suffered from uneven illumination and age damage to the emulsion. This restoration corrected both the age damage and the poor initial exposure.



The building in this photo was lit only by the lights around the parking area and from two floods on the building itself. The floods on the building caused reflections and aberrations in the lens that created the bright colored areas on the building and in the sky.


britney 1
britney 2
britney 3

The preferred body shot of the photo on the left was altered with the preferred head shot of the photo in the middle to produce the photo on the right.


In this situation the portrait of the girl on the left was removed from the group portrait.


The embroidered lettering on this woman's shirt was removed to take the distraction out of the portrait.



This photo was changed from color to black&white and heavy grain was added to give it a vintage look.