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When you advertise your product you want, and need, photographs of the objects you produce or sell that will not just show those pieces but do so in a way that will captivate a viewer and cause them to stop and look at your ad. When your competing against 'Big Box' stores and large corporations that have almost no limits on what they spend, you don't want to have ads with cheap looking, poor quality photographs. You want photos that will make your product grab the attention of the viewer.

Mr. Torre will use his skills and to capture your products in any situation, studio type shots, on location, in your store, or anywhere that would be appropriate and interesting for the product. From controlled depth of field, techniques that will make the photograph look like a real object, and artistic touches that will make your product shine. Selecting one of the images below will cause a larger rendition to pop up.


object 12
object 10

object 4
object 13
object 5

object 2
object 11
object 3

object 7
object 8
object 9


food 1
food 2
food 3


building 4
building 5

building 7
building 8

building 1
building 2

building 3
building 6

Handmade Bicycle Frame

ciocc 2
ciocc 1
ciocc 3

ciocc 4
ciocc 5
ciocc 6

Wood Fired Pizza Oven

pizza 1
pizza 2

Skin Care Products

sweet skin 1
sweet skin 2

sweet skin 3
sweet skin 4
sweet skin 5

Custom Doors and Windows

sc millwork 1
sc millwork 2
sc millwork 3

sc millwork 4
sc millwork 5
sc millwork 6

Corporate Gift Package

raymond manas 1
raymond manas 2

raymond manas 3
raymond manas 4
raymond manas 5

Clothing Designer

carmen victoria 1
carmen victoria 2

carmen victoria 3
carmen victoria 4
carmen victoria 5