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ROBERT TORRE Photography
Musician & Artist Portfolio

On this page are samples of work Mr. Torre has done for musicians and artists. For musicians, whether a live performance or studio portrait, Robert can use his talents to capture photos and portraits that will capture your passion and energy. At live performances Robert knows how to work with flash, the existing lighting, and combinations of both, in addition to camera gear and techniques to produce interesting and captivating photographs of your performance. And portraits in a studio or location situation you will have dramatic portraits that will be as creative as your talents.

For artists, Mr. Torre can take photographs of both flat and 3-dimensional pieces that will show the detail and textures of your pieces as close to life-like as possible in a photograph. More examples of 3-dimensional objects, including an extreme close-up, can be seen on the COMMERCIAL page of this site. Selecting one of the images below will cause a larger rendition to pop up.

Live performance.

bob culbertson 1
bob culbertson 2
bob culbertson 3

bob culbertson 4
bob culbertson 5
bob culbertson 6

Studio portraits.

feldthouse 1
feldthouse 2
fledthouse 3

Photographs of her work.

laura beausoleil 1
laura beausoleil 2

laura beausoleil 3
laura beausoleil 4
laura beausoleil 5